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Natural Citrus and Fruits Bio Enzyme Body Cleanser

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● Deep Cleaning
● Detoxify Skin Cells
● Excess Oil Control
● Rejuvenate The Skin
Weight: 500 ml
Ingredients: Flowers & Fruits bio-enzymes, Chia Seeds, Soap nuts, Orange oil, Rose oil, Foaming Base.
Features: Our Citrus Fruits Body Cleanser thoroughly cleanses your body and helps your skin retain moisture. It is made of pure fruits bio-enzymes amalgamated with essential oils to keep your skin clean with a light & refreshing aroma. Bio-enzymes have an amazing capacity to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin.
Please note: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE... Koop in a cool & dry place, Away from direct sunlight, For External use only. Best before 24 months from the date of mfg. Usage: Take a small quantity (5ml) directly onto the Sponge or scrub. Apply on the whole body and rinse thoroughly.

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