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Advik Bees Wax Food Wrap

Advik Bees Wax Food Wrap

Beeswax wrap is one of the newest trends in reducing waste in the home. Instead of using disposable plastics like cling wrap to cover food, beeswax wrap can be reused over and over again.

This Beeswax wrap garnered high marks because of the variety of sizes it offers, allowing for versatility in covering foods of differing sizes. The wraps also offer pliability and a level of stickiness that our tester says makes them work well particularly for harder food items like apples and oranges. These sheets are made from organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, which have antibacterial properties.

From the beginning we’ve always wanted to be open and honest about the materials and ingredients we use to make our reusable food wraps, bags and packaging. Here’s an insight into the wonderful suppliers and makers we work with to create what we believe are the best beeswax wraps on the market!

Locally Sourced British Beeswax

We are proud to use only the finest Indian Beeswax, most of which comes from within a 20 mile radius of our workshop. All of the beekeepers we work with comply with the highest standards to ensure the bees are well cared for.

Organic Cotton

We use GOTS certified organic cotton which we source from a family run business in India. The mother and daughter team handcraft our cotton and use a brilliant machine to reuse the water required to make cotton, making it a more sustainable choice. We are proud to support this craft in India and participate in the creation of fairly paid jobs for these cotton crafters.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Our jojoba oil is certified organic and comes from trusted sources. The jojoba oil is essential in making your beeswax wraps flexible and soft, without this wonder material they would be brittle and quite frankly a bit naff! Jojoba oil also has some brilliant natural properties which help to make beeswax wraps ideal for keeping food fresh.

Pine Resin

The stuff that gives your wraps that magic seal-sealing finish, our pine resin comes from Portugal. The company we work with uses sustainable methods to process this natural material in their low-emission workshop, and they work hard to promote the expansion and preservation of the Portuguese pine forests in a sustainable way.

Organic Dyes

We use completely organic dyes to create the prints on our fabrics. Safe for humans and the environment.
Our wraps are seriously versatile and useful, but there are just a few things you need to watch out for!
1. Don‘t use them with anything warm or hot! Whether that’s washing under warm water, putting in the oven or wrapping a dish that’s still hot, it will melt the wax straight off the wrap. If you do this, don’t panic! Find out everything you need to know about caring for and saving your wraps.
2. Avoid all naked flames as wax is highly flammable!
3. Don’t use them in the microwave.
4. Do not use them with raw meat or fish, as cross contamination may occur on their next use.
5. Avoid storing anything super acidic or oily in the wraps for too long as it will break down the wax and decrease their life.
6. If your wraps are exposed to mould, re-pasteurise them using our electric oven method, or our iron method.